Special Zoning Committee Meeting Agenda- November 3, 2022


Thursday, November 3, 2022 at 9:30 a.m.

Special Zoning Committee Meeting

8505 Pembroke Oak Grove Rd. Oak Grove, Kentucky 42262

Subdivision Guidelines(draft materials)-Guidelines that are designed to encourage the subdivision of land according to recognized standards which provide for sound, efficient and economical development; to provide for safe, convenient and efficient traffic circulation; to insure that the future growth will be orderly and conducive to the provision of minimum outlay of public and private expenditures in providing services to developing areas; to provide for adequate and convenient open spaces for utilities, recreation, light, air and access of fire fighting equipment and to provide for provisions of water, drainage, sewer and other sanitary facilities

1990-7 Adopting Subdivision Guidelines for Oak Grove
1991-7 Amending subdivision guidelines Sections 4.2, B2 & 3
1998-13 Subdivision Guidelines
1999-02 Amending Subdivision Guidelines
Entire Subdivision Guidelines with Cover