Open Records

Open Records are available to members of the public upon request. Please know the specific records you are requesting, including date(s) and name(s), before filling out the form below.  

Download the Request to Inspect Public Records Form here » This is a copy of the standardized open records form from the Attorney General.

Download the Open Records-Open Meeting Act here » This updated guide exists to help citizens and public agencies understand and comply with the Open Meetings and Open Records Acts.

Download the Attorney General Advisory here » This advisory is intended to provide public agencies and the general public with updates regarding the Open Records and Open Meetings Acts.

Download the Open Records Rules and Regulations here » In order to comply with the Open Records Act contained in Chapter 61 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, certain rules and regulations shall be followed by the City of Oak Grove.

Download the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs Flyer here » This is a flyer for the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs with includes a QR code for more information.