ABC/Regulatory Fee

If a business is interested in selling alcoholic beverages within the City, they must acquire an alcoholic beverage control license. The business owner must first apply for a license with the State of Kentucky’s (with approval from the City’s ABC Administrator) alcoholic beverage control board-online. Once the business has received the State’s license, the City can begin issuing their license (with the exception that the business already has an active and up to date business license with the City).

The City can impose regulatory license fees to each business who holds an alcoholic beverage control license within the City. The regulatory fees are based off the gross receipts from the retail sales of alcoholic beverages under each license issued. The fees are due the thirtieth (30th) day of each month for the preceding month’s sales. The fraction, represented by one divided by the number of months for which the city license was issued, of the fee required shall be deducted each month as a credit. If you have any questions regarding ABC, you may contact the ABC Administrator, Dennis Cunningham, or Deputy ABC Administrator, Lisa Beckman.

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