Having a Code Enforcement Officer in the City of Oak Grove helps to keep our city looking beautiful for our residents. Please do your part.

Sasha Burgess
[email protected]
P.O. Box 250
8505 Pembroke Oak Grove Rd
Oak Grove, KY 42262
(270) 439-4646 Office
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Ordinance #2021-13 Nuisance Board

The Code and Nuisance Board meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM in the Council Chambers here at City Hall.
This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome!

Code and Nuisance is a board that enforces several ordinances in the City of Oak Grove.

Enforcement Proceedings. Ordinance #2021-13

The following requirements shall govern all enforcement proceedings before the board:

  1. Enforcement proceedings before the Code Enforcement and Nuisance Board shall only be initiated by the issuance of a citation by the Code Enforcement Officer.
  2. Except as provided in subsection (c) below, if a Code Enforcement Officer reasonably believes, based on his/her personal observation or investigation, that a person has violated a city ordinance, he/she shall issue a Notice of Violation to the offender allowing the offender a specified period of time to remedy the violation without a fine (warning citation). If the offender fails or refuses to remedy the violation within the time specified, the Code Enforcement Officer is authorized to issue a citation.
  3. Nothing in our ordinance shall prohibit the City from taking immediate action to remedy a violation of its ordinance when there is reason to believe that the violation presents a serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare, or if in the absence of immediate action, the effects of the violation will be irreparable or irreversible.

If the Code Enforcement Officer issues a warning violation, it is at their discretion on how much time they will grant the offender to have the violation corrected. After the time frame is extinguished, if the violation was not corrected, the Code Enforcement Officer will issue a citation. Depending on the offense, the civil fine can be $200.00-first offense, $350.00-second offense or $500.00- third offense. The offender will automatically have seven (7) days to correct the violation AND either pay the civil fine or request a hearing to contest the citation. If the offender fails to pay the civil fine or request a hearing to contest the citation within seven (7) days from the date the citation was issued, the offender will have waived their right to contest this citation and the determination that a violation was committed shall be considered final and nonappealable. A final order will be sent out to the offender informing them that a notice of judgment lien will be placed on their property.

If the offender pays the civil fine and corrects the violation within those seven (7) days, the case will be closed out. If the offender pays the civil fine but has not corrected the violation, on day eight (8), the City of Oak Grove will abate the property and fines will be accrued that will be the responsibility of the homeowner. If the offender request a hearing within seven (7) days of the citation being issued, the offender will receive a letter from the code enforcement secretary with the date, time and location of the hearing. If the Code and Nuisance Board determines that a violation was committed or the offender is not present during the hearing, a maximum fine of $500.00 can be imposed.

The City charges $100.00 per hour to abate properties and $39.00 filing/administrative fee to file a notice of judgment lien. We prefer the residents keep their homes in compliance for several safety reasons (rats, mice, snakes and ground water contamination) that are big issues with the City and State of Kentucky.

Abandoned/Non-Operational vehicles are also subject to fines and towing. Please see Ordinance # 2015-06 for details.


Fill out the Lienholder Notification System form here.

Pursuant to KRS 65.8836 the City of Oak Grove has created a lienholder notification system. If you would like to receive electronic notification of all final orders of the Code and Nuisance Board entered pursuant to KRS 65.8801 to KRS 65.8839, you must register with the City of Oak Grove’s administrative staff. For your convenience, you may submit the information electronically by completing the form. You can also provide the information requested below by fax, mail or hand delivery to City Hall-8505 Pembroke Oak Grove Rd Oak Grove, Kentucky 42262; Fax (270.439.1201) with a declaration indicating you would like to register for the lien holder notification system. Please be advised, it is YOUR responsibility to maintain and update your contact information with the City of Oak Grove.

The following are several more ordinances that our Code Officer abides by in the City of Oak Grove: