P.O. Box 250
152 Stateline Rd
Oak Grove, KY 42262
Animal Control Officer: Jennifer Mosier
(270) 439-4602
[email protected]
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Animal control is on duty Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  If you have an emergency, you can still call dispatch at 270.439.4602.  Non emergencies can still call after hours and it will be put on the call log for the next duty day.

It is important to have identification on your pet.  We do have temporary kennels here in Oak Grove that are sometimes used for overnight purposes.  Otherwise all animals are transported to the Christian County Animal Shelter.  They are located at 2935 Russellville Road in Hopkinsville.  270.887.4175


This keeps us from coming back if we can take care of the situation with one phone call.  If the situation goes unresolved, it will result in a citation.

Donations are always welcome!

We can also use blankets, towels, food, treats, carriers, etc.  We also take donations to the shelter if we have everything we need at the time of the donation.  Donations can be dropped off at the Police Dept or City Hall.

Tag Information:

City dog tags are part of the Oak Grove City Ordinance.  They are $5.00/pet and should be renewed annually on July 1st.  They are good until June 30th of the following year.

County tags are also part of the County Ordinance.  They are $5.00 if altered and $1.50 if altered.  These can be purchased at the Christian County Animal Shelter.

KRS 258.015 states that pets must be vaccinated against rabies and must bear their tag on their collar/harness.

Pick up Fees:

If your animal has been impounded, you must purchase a city license and provide proof of rabies vaccination plus the following fees:

Kennel fee:  A $15.00 kennel fee shall be paid to the city for any animal temporarily housed in the city kennel.
Transportation fee:  A fee of $10.00 per animal shall be paid to the City of Oak Grove for the transportation of any animal to the Christian County Animals Shelter that has been released by the owner.  A transportation fee of $25.00 shall be paid for 3 or more animals released by the owner.
Stray Transportation Fee:  If an animal is transported as a stray to the Christina County Animal Shelter, a transportation fee is $10.00 shall be paid to the City of Oak Grove.

The owner of an impounded animal is responsible for all fees associated with the impoundment of the animal.  If the owner can be identified, the fees are due even if the owner does not reclaim the animal. [KRS 285.215]

Services Animal Control provides:

  • Welfare Checks
  • Scanning animals for microchips
  • Trapping of stray or nuisance animals
  • Keeping animals from running at large
  • Education/Tips on animals
  • Chicken Permit Inspections

Animal Control Ordinance
Vicious/Dangerous Dogs
Control of Animals within the City of Oak Grove