The Best Flowers for People with Allergies

Spring is officially here and that means flowers! However, for many people, spring also means allergies. To keep sneezing to a minimum, you’ll want flowers that have little to no airborne pollen. Whether you’re planting them in your garden or adding them to your next bouquet, here are some of the best flowers for people with allergies.


The official flower of April, tulips are a great option for you if you have allergies. This spring favorite has a low pollen count and they’re loved all over the world for their bright colors and cheerful blooms.


Another spring favorite, daffodils are native to the Mediterranean counties of Spain and Portugal, but are grown all over the world. They come in white, yellow, and peach varieties, and they have a low pollen count.


There are more than 200 varieties of Iris, and their name is derived from the Greek for rainbow. These vibrant and unique blossoms are low in pollen and are bound to make a statement in your garden or in your next bouquet.

Asiatic Lilies

A traditional gift for Easter, Asiatic lilies are specially bred for people who have allergies. Although most people know lilies for their sweet scent, the species that aren’t as fragrant are actually better for those that have allergies.


From Valentine’s Day to birthdays and graduations, roses are a favorite for celebrations. Roses come in a myriad of colors. Like with lilies, the less fragrant varieties of roses are best for those with allergies. Their pollen is large, and unlikely to become airborne.


Known for their sweet scent, peonies are another great option for bouquets. They’re hypoallergenic, which means they’re less likely to cause any kind of allergic response. They come in hues of pink, white, and red, and are know as the “king of flowers” in China.


Like peonies, sunflowers are hypoallergenic. They have been specifically bred for indoor flower bouquets. Although mostly associated with summer and fall, it is easy to find sunflowers all year long. Their vivid blooms are sure to make an impact whether inside or out!


A more exotic choice, orchids are a popular gift. There are more than 25,000 species and many of them are perfect for those with allergies. Because of their low pollen count, experts classify orchids as some of the most hypoallergenic flowers there are.