Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung! After those cold winter months shut inside, now’s the time to open the windows and get some spring cleaning done. We’ve got a few tips for you before you tackle all that built up winter dust and grime.

Make a Checklist

If you make a checklist, you’re less likely to forget any of your tasks. And how satisfying is it being able to check items off your list? You can make one long checklist, a checklist for each of the rooms in your home, or get the whole family involved and assign them their own tasks.

Go Room by Room

Even a checklist can seem daunting if it’s too long. Break up your tasks into smaller sections. One way to do this is to go room by room. Feel free to skip areas that are regularly cleaned like countertops or rugs. Focus more on the parts of your home that get neglected like ceiling fans, the oven, or shower curtains. You can even break down your cleaning into smaller, 10-minute chunks.

Windows and Walls Need Love Too

Although windows might be on your checklist, did you remember your walls? Although these surfaces are vertical, they can still catch and hold on to dust. All you need is a damp towel or rag to wipe down your walls and blinds. In the kitchen, you may need something a little more heavy-duty if you’ve had any grease buildup from cooking.

Go Green

Although there is a myriad of cleaners on the market, try to find ones that are more natural. You want to start your spring off on a nice clean note, so why not avoid chemicals and toxins? One of the most effective household cleaners can be made out of 3 simple ingredients you can find in most kitchens: white vinegar, baking soda, and water.

Don’t Forget About the Air

If you have allergies, spring can hit you particularly hard. Not only that, but cleaning can disturb all the dust that settled on furniture and fixtures over the winter. Because of this, replacing your furnace and HVAC filters should be on your checklist. Although they’re another item you might have forgotten to add to your list, replacing your filters regularly will help keep allergens and dust to a minimum in your home.