How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every new year, we start off with good intentions to stick to our resolutions. We’re already almost two weeks into 2023 and how many of you have already given up? If you’d like to make (and stick to) your new year’s resolutions this year, we’ve got some tips!

1) Pick the right resolution. It may sound simple, but this is where most resolutions fail before they’ve even begun. You want to make sure your resolution is a goal that’s doable, something that you’ll actually want to work on throughout the year. It’s okay to dream big, but make sure that your idea can also be broken down into smaller, easier steps.

2) Learn from the past. If you try to make the same resolution every year, and fail every year, you may need to switch it up. Maybe last year’s resolution was too big or too vague. When making your resolutions for this year, try to make them as specific as possible. The smallest change to your resolution can be the difference between sticking with it and letting it fall by the wayside.

3) Change takes time. We love seeing progress immediately. Unfortunately, change often takes time. This is especially true if your resolution has anything to do with a major lifestyle change. Don’t become disheartened when you don’t see any immediate changes. Be patient with yourself.

4) Accept support from others. It can be hard to achieve goals by yourself. Having a support system will help you stay motivated and accountable. It’s also more fun to do activities with a partner or friend.

5) Reward yourself. Even small goals deserve celebration. Don’t wait until the major milestones to give yourself a reward. These rewards can also help you stay motivated and keep striving for those larger goals.

Whatever your new year’s resolutions are, change can seem daunting. However, if you pick the right resolution and stick with it, you have the possibility of reaping big rewards.