Halloween Safety Tips for Families

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve gathered these tips to make sure you have a healthy and safe holiday!


  • Choose costumes that are light in color
  • Add reflective tape to costumes and bags
  • Make sure costumes are well fitting to prevent tripping
  • Opt for non-toxic makeup or hats instead of masks that could obscure vision
  • Remove makeup before bed to prevent skin and eye irritation
  • Look for costumes and accessories that say they are “flame resistant”
  • Dress for the weather


  • Children should be accompanied by an adult
  • Kids going out with friends should be in a group of at least 3
  • Bring a cellphone and a flashlight
  • Do not visit homes that are not well-lit
  • Use sidewalks when possible
  • Work your way up one side of the street and then the other- don’t criss-cross back and forth

At Home

  • Turn on outdoor lights- replace burnt-out bulbs
  • Remove any tripping hazards from your yard
  • Use an alternative to candles in your pumpkins (such as battery operated candles)
  • Sweep leaves off your pathways
  • Consider giving out other treats such as stickers in case a child has a food allergy