Go Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, and the City of Oak Grove has some easy initiatives that you can take to go green this spring and beyond


Going green means you’re following practices that lead to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles. By continuing to go green, you’re doing your part to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources. Reducing your carbon footprint is making way for a greener and cleaner environment for future generations.

Here are just a few ways you can go green at home, in your office, or out in the Oak Grove community.

At home

  • Shut off lights and power down devices when leaving the room
  • Unplug chargers or devices that aren’t being used
  • Sign up to receive paperless bills and statements
  • Recycle household items
  • Plant a garden in your backyard
  • Pack your own lunch for work or school
  • Use reusable bags when you go shopping instead of paper or plastic
  • Buy a reusable water bottle to avoid buying packs of plastic water bottles
  • Wash your laundry with cold water instead of hot

At the office

  • Encourage recycling and introduce ‘go green’ challenges for employees
  • Power off your computer and turn off any lights around your desk before going home
  • Go paperless
  • Bring your own utensils for lunch

In the Oak Grove Community

  • Don’t litter! If there’s no recycling bin nearby, wait to throw away a recyclable item until you get home
  • Pick up a piece of trash instead of just walking by it
  • Walk or bike more instead of taking your car
  • Donate or list old items for sale like furniture or clothes, instead of throwing them away

All it takes is small steps towards bettering the environment. How will you go green this Earth Day? If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the City of Oak Grove. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.