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Animal Control

P.O. Box 250
152 Stateline Rd
Oak Grove, KY 42262
Animal Control Officer: Jennifer Mosier
Monday-Friday- 8:00am-4:30pm

Please call (270) 439-4602 for all non-emergency animal control calls to report a problem or email

For emergency animal control calls (i.e. vicious dog, animal endangerment, ect.) please call the Oak Grove Dispatch line at (270) 439-4602


Animal Control could use blankets, bowls, food, snacks and animal shelters. if you would like to donate any items please feel free to drop them off at the Oak Grove Police Department or Oak Grove City Hall.

The Animal Control Officer has temporary shelters located in the City of Oak Grove that are used for holding your pet for a short period , if your pet has City tags or has been chipped, he can locate you easier. If a note has been left by Animal Control on your door please contact him ASAP.

If your dog has gotten loose please contact Animal Control he may be able to help you locate your pet.

  • Oak Grove Animal Control promotes responsible pet ownership,
  • Enforces animal control ordinances including animal cruelty and neglect,
  • protects the public from nuisance animals running at large,
  • provides temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals,
  • Is an animal lover as well, will do everything possible to help you locate your pet
  • Has direct contact with the Christian County Animal Shelter (270) 887-4175


  • Animal pick up fees—$25.00 per animal
  • City dog tags—$5.00 annually from July to July. **Please be advised that dog tags are to be renewed July of every year.**
  • Holding Fees—$10.00 per day
  • Owner release—$10.00 per animal

Animal Control Ordinance

Animal Control Draft