The City of Oak Grove will host a city-wide “limb pick-up”, making sure that limbs are less than six (6”) inches in diameter and are at the curbside of residence.  The limb pick-up will be operated every other month on the weeks of the 15th.  

The Importance of Music in Our Schools

Music in our Schools Month

March is Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM), which was first celebrated nationwide in 1985. It was first enacted to highlight the importance of music education programs and music in general in our schools. Along with their core subjects, music is highly beneficial to students of all ages and gives them a well-rounded education. Here’s some ways music in our …


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The Presidents Behind President’s Day

For many, President’s Day is all about that three day weekend. After the whirlwind of the holidays and then the observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, President’s Day is the last time a lot of people have any time off until May. But there’s more to President’s Day than a three day weekend and the slew of …

5 Influential African Americans from Kentucky

February is Black History Month, and to celebrate this year, we are recognizing some of Kentucky’s most influential African Americans from history. Willa Brown (1906-1992) Born in Glasgow, Kentucky, Willa Brown was the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license in the United States. She was also the first African American woman to run for the US Congress, …

How to Keep Your Data Private Online

With Data Privacy Day just around the corner, we’ve gathered some tips help keep your data private while you’re surfing the web! Create strong passwords. When websites make you create a password with a certain amount of letters, numbers, and symbols, this is for your own protection. The next time you have to make a password, think beyond the usual …

2023 Night to Shine

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